• 4744 N. Kimball Ave. Chicago, IL
  • (872) 888-8361


Nighthawk Chicago is the fulfillment of a long-time dream. During their two-decade association as business partners in Windmiller Sound, Brendan Phillips & Howard Windmiller bantered out loud about opening their own drinking hole.   A congenial spot.  A place for a really good cup of coffee.  Or a nice cold beer.  Or a truly tasty, specially crafted cocktail.

Searching for just the right location in Albany Park, they couldn’t believe their good fortune in finding a spot right across from the Brown Line CTA station at Kimball  and Lawrence.  It took over two years to revamp the property.  Uncovering a vintage tin ceiling and stripping a wall to its original brick, they have created a unique gathering place in this up-and-coming, wonderfully diverse neighborhood.

Nighthawk boasts a mix of previously owned bar furniture, a stunning new quartzite bar, bespoke speaker cabinets, extra-comfy barstools, and, of course, the best sound system ever.  It’s been a labor of love for these two dedicated proprietors.  The result is a quirky and cozy destination for our friends and neighbors.


Sunday   8am-2am
Monday   7am-2am
Tuesday   7am-2am
Wednesday   7am-2am
Thursday  7am-2am
Friday   7am-2am
Saturday   8am-2am


A truly great bar. Upon walking in, I was greeted by a smiling bar tender and a warm, cozy environment. The bar had a modern feel (TVs, great sound system, great drink selection) to it while somehow also evoking a tastefully rustic feeling.


Bookending the beverage day with hot and cold-brew coffee drinks in the morning and a full bar at night, this all-day Albany Park hangout in a renovated storefront has a comfy tavern vibe with vintage touches.


Coffee by day, booze by night. Candles light the bar so the bright likes don’t hurt your eyes when you’re drinking. Decent bar in the neighborhood with good people Brown line is right next door for fast transportation and if you ever feel hungry there’s a 24 hour diner next store.


This is an amazing little neighborhood bar. My husband and I love spending time here and the owners and staff are great. The vodka cobbler cocktail is my favorite!


We really needed a night out and found the perfect neighborhood joint. The drinks were perfect with top of the line ingredients, our favorites were El Burro, Old Pal, Nighthawk Manhattan, and top it off with an Irish Coffee…their coffee is brewed just right. Bonus they have Virtue Cider! We’ll have to come back for breakfast, the pastries from Fannies looked yummy!


Best coffee shop I’ve ever been to by day, best cocktail bar I’ve ever been to by night.
All right here in Albany Park. The décor is perfect, everyone is friendly.


Come to Nighthawk for the friendly atmosphere and the fantastic beer and cocktail list. I can’t wait to stop by for coffee so I can love this great neighborhood place in the morning as well as the evening!

Nighthawk Chicago
4744 N. Kimball Avenue

at the end of the Brown Line

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