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Five Minutes to Live is a 1961 American neo-noir film crime film. It was re-titled Door-to-Door Maniac for an American International Pictures re-release in 1966. The film stars Johnny Cash and Cay Forrester, who wrote the screenplay and whose husband, Ludlow Flower, produced.

As his partner in crime, Fred Dorella (Vic Tayback), heads to the bank and tries to extort cash from executive Ken Wilson (Donald Woods), Johnny Cabot (Johnny Cash) kidnaps Wilson’s wife, Nancy (Cay Forester). Fred tells Ken that, unless he hands over $70,000 in cash, Johnny will kill Nancy. Ken comes up with a ploy to buy some time for the police to assess the situation. Though the scheme is coming unstuck, Fred and Johnny aren’t about to go quietly.

Film Prof Michael Caplan.  Nate the Great.  Cocktails.  Free Popcorn.  Johnny Freakin Cash.

I mean, c’mon.